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Colorway Preference
Select your colorway collection! Take a look at these links to see what speaks to you!
  • "Bread" - Vintage style and war era victory gardens, the simplicity of the minimal has a beauty all its own. This collection has been washed with a sepia overtone and represents the style and practicality of our nation's past. Necessity and utility drive the soft colors and overall feel of this collection where function creates design.
  • "Roses" - This Collection represents the generosity of Schneidermanís vision. A rich palate of vibrant, saturated color plucked from the Earth's own plumage. Beauty, daring and individuality weave their magic in this group of colorways.
  • Can't decide? No Problem! Select the Surprise Me! option and email your color prefrences to help Meg select the best of the colorways for you based on your yarn/roving picks! We set up a special club hotline just for this purpose.
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