Rich, Bold Cheese

next generation in color


Evolutions are our signature product! Hand dyed using our unique process, each cake of yarn features a single organic evolution of color on soft, smooth, luxury fibers. Knit or crochet an amazing garment with minimal ends to work in.

Fresh Jarred Jams

go with the flow


This is unique self-striping yarn! Colors blend gradually from one hue to the next and back again without the abrupt color change common in other striping yarns.

twisted unRaveled

Made with Love

We have collected a small sampling of projects made by our members to help inspire your creativity. There is oh so much more inspiration waiting for you over in our Ravelry group. We hope you will join us!

our story

Meg Spins a Yarn

I believe Twisted exists to do something special. I want to create more than loops of string. I want to dye the yarn that you use to make your favorite shawl, that thoughtful gift, and the garment joyfully worn in celebration of a new life or union. The yarn you work your love into with every stitch.

- Meg Campbell Crawley