The Mystical Collection

Available Starting October 30th

The Mystical Collection

Mystic, Phantom, Sorceress, Warlock. All of the things that go bump in the night can be found in this collection! Purples and Blues, Grays and Pinks.


A crystal ball, the fog creeping in, it was a dark and stormy evening... Mystic is a Purple colorway from top to bottom.


Deep and intense, this colorway combines teal, charcoal, a wide range of purples and a bit of fuchsia. All the hues are of similar depth, making this an excellent colorway for highly textured stitches and cables.


The colors of this colorway take the imagination to another world of magic and mysticism. Bright blues, purples and pinks.


Robes sweeping, air crackling with power, and otherworldly realms at the edge of vision. Imagination we've got. Violet, indigo and gray, got that too! Bring a little magic into your life!