The Snack Collection

The Snack Collection

Berry, Mango, Spice PB&J.

Sweet and Spicy, Smooth and Fresh, The Snack Collection covers all the bases. Enjoy the comfort of the classics and the intrigue of the exotics with this eclectic collection.


Purple!!! This berry special colorway is a reboot from a club many years ago and has been one of the most asked after colorways we have ever done! Think raspberry sorbet, the purples and pinks of this colorway will fulfill your late night, sweet toothed, cravings!


Sweet and juicy plucked fresh from the grove. The stuff of summertime and the nectar of the Gods. Soft corals and peach, blend imperceptibly to olive and green.


Food without spice is well... bland! Aromatic and vibrant spices warm our senses in this fiery colorway. Cinnamon, Candied ginger, and Turmeric.


Penut, Penut Butter, Jelly! The perfect comfort food can now be a part of your wardrobe! Sweet raspberry purple and smooth creamy nut butter browns.