Stitch in Time Collection

Stitch in Time Collection

Dawn, Dusk, Eventide, Gloaming. Representing different times of day, these breathtaking and beguiling colorways will provide you a much needed respite from the hurly-burly of life.


Daybreak brings promise of a new beginning. The first pink blush of dawn emerges from the deeper blues and purples of the early morning sky.


A still desert sky makes the slow transition from day to night in this mysterious, muted colorway. Steal the twilight with these sandy tans, gloaming grays, and midnight purples. Velvety-soft, calm and lovely.


A solitary moment in time as day slips into night. Enjoy Eventide's hazy purple, soft rose, and subtle apricot at any time of day.


Get your Glow on! Peach and corals shimmer from deep hues of blue-green night.