Fantasy Creature Collection

Fantasy Creature Collection

Mermaid, Unicorn, Nessie and Leprechaun. Harness the power of these mythical Fantasy Creatures for your own and create a magical project just for you!


A mystical fairy who has a love of shoes, grants wishes, and is willing to share his well-earned gold with the savvy human who finds his stash. That's my kind of elf! Soft teal, shamrock green, bright chartreuse and all the hues in-between.


Make a splash with this new colorway! Vibrant Red, Pink, Purple, Green and Blue bring to mind a very special little mermaid. Grab your dinglehopper and dive in!


Shrouded in mystery and lore the elusive Loch Ness Monster has fascinated people the world over. Foamy greens, stormy sky gray, and heather purples swim together in our tribute to the mystical aquatic creature.


Friendship and magic and PINK, Oh My! From Purple to coral and every shade in-between, this colorway is sure to charm and delight.