Shopping Guide

Our two most popular products have a place of honor right up at the top of the site making it easier than ever to find exactly what you are looking for.

Select the shop button to see what evolution or Self Striping colorways are in rotation and available right now.

Shop by Colorway

One of the best ways to see what colorways are in rotation and find the product you are looking for is to hover your cursor over the Colorways tab at the tippy top of the page and elect "Currently Available Colorways" from the dropdown menu. This will take you to a current listing of every colorway that is available to hand-dyed just for you at any given time.

The other option in this dropdown menu is "All Colorways". This will direct you to the list of every single colorway we carry on a regular basis whether or not we are currently dying it.

Shop by Product

All of our products are represented on our homepage. Evolutions, Self-Striping, and Roving are featured in the body of the page and Semi-Solids are located in the middle of the top navigation menu.

Evolution, Self-Striping, and Roving

As you scroll down the page you will find all three of our main product types. Click the "Shop" button to see a listing of each category all lined up for a nice comparison. We have also gathered a few examples of some of our favorite colorways below each main header to give you a sneak peek of what's inside.

Made with Love

This might be the most exciting new addition to our site! We have carefully selected a number of products from our Ravelry Group to be featured in this section. Projects that use our yarns in beautiful and unique ways and have eye catching photography have been selected. We intend for this to be an ever-changing and evolving section of the site where we get to highlight you! So, spend the extra few minutes and make those photos pop and you could see your project highlighted here in the future!

Meg Spins a Yarn

Want to hear a good story? Meg sure knows how to tell one. This is the story of us! Twisted Herstory can be found within this link. Read more about where we started, where we are going, and who we are. Team bios are a work in progress and will be in this section as well very soon.

Get Twisted!

The interior pages of the site have a sidebar that includes the products located in the featured areas of our homepage. This sidebar also includes a "contact us" link and a shortcut to log into your account. So, even if you are not on the homepage, you can easily find all of our products at a glance. The top navigation menu stays in view as you explore our sleek new format. How cool is that?!? This setup works well on mobile devices and tablets. No more clunky mobile site, Hooray! You can now enjoy a smooth shopping experience on our fully responsive web store from any and all of your devices.

Twisted Tips

Add a petite

Add a petite onto your order so you don't find yourself playing yarn chicken with a pattern. We will even dye it as the same time as your order so you are sure to get a good match!


Check out our sales section for a variety of deals on Twisted products!

Basic yarn info

Click on the "About These Yarns" tab located on each product page to get a quick rundown and individual stats for each yarn or fiber base without leaving the product page itself!


Join our Ravelry group for more project ideas than you will know what to do with! Just click on the Ravelry yarn ball icon at the bottom of our homepage on the far left.