About Our Twisted Little Company...

My Big Fat Twisted Goal...

There is a feeling you get when you love every stitch of your project. It begins to nudge and you don't want to put your work down, you need do just one more rowŁ. That soothing sensation of softness in and around your fingers, and the satisfaction you get from a job well done. The physical, mental, and emotional enjoyment you feel with luxurious yarn in your hands. And finally, a beautiful mountain of fabric warming your lap. I want to create the colorway and dye the yarn that is in your hands when that feeling is in your heart. I want to be a part of that moment with you.

The Twisted Seed

This journey started in 2005 as a love letter to my mother. It was a way to share peaceful time, to learn together, and to thread our common interests. Now, this journey encompasses even more of the people I love. It includes my daughter, my best-friend and soul sister, her daughter and pretend niece, as well as so many more treasured friends.

The plan was to go back to work when my young children were both in school. Eventually I realized Twisted was my job and was successful enough to be a (completely unexpected) career! Over time I gained a business partner, seven excellent employees, and increased my product offerings. We ship yarn all over the world and travel to yarn shows all over the United States. How cool is that? Twisted is a brand used and loved by designers, teachers, knitters, crocheters, weavers, and spinners.

Our Twisted Herstory

This homegrown business started around 2005 in my kitchen and rapidly expanded throughout my whole house. The stars aligned for the launch of etsy just before I started dyeing and Ravelry just after. These two online communities were pivotal to my growth in the fiber world. I was lucky to be picked as one of the first yarnies on Ravelry and the very first Jess's Yarn Pick. Over the next several years Twisted outgrew my home (and my family's patience). Our next lucky break was partnering with Kean's, another local female-owned business, to rent a larger production space a couple blocks from home. In our three years there Twisted grew and prospered. While in Kean's we also launched a small retail shop.

On June 21st, 2015 our studio sustained both heavy smoke damage and water damage when a fire broke out at a neighboring business. The damage was significant and the studio and contents were lost. We moved what little we could salvage back to my home, ordered more yarn from our sympathetic mills, and got back to work to fill the orders of our supportive customers. Twisted marched on!

Working from every room in my house except two bedrooms was not a long-term solution! We had to find a way to raise funds so that we could move to a more suitable studio space. We released a limited fundraising colorway appropriately named Phoenix. Our generous, awesome, lovely, and devoted customers came to our rescue! They bought Phoenix and we rose from the ashes!

The quonset hut that provided our next diggs wasn't ideal for our processes or as a home for our team but the space allowed me to heal and start designing again. A year after the fire we found a quaint and attractive cottage in our town. It is in a neighborhood just off the main square and is close to home and our kids' schools. Our portion of the building has housed a woman owned business for over forty years. It is a splendid setting for Twisted and even includes a little retail space for our showroom. This space suits us.

The warm and wonderful fiber world has allowed me to shape a work environment full of acceptance, mutual respect, and a feeling of family. Our team works well together, supports, and inspires one another in a way that makes my heart happy and proud.

-Meg Campbell Crawley
Creative Director