Striping perfect for socks and scarves
a single evolution of color
Semi Solid simple, complementary color
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AngstAL   Angst Arial Large
CAngst   Angst Coordinates
224-2U   Barnwood Tasty Grande
CBienv   Bienvenue Coordinates
EBienv   Bienvenue Evolutions
RBienv   Bienvenue Roving
SBienv   Bienvenue Self-Striping Yarn
CBigBa   Big Bad Wolf Coordinates
EBigBa   Big Bad Wolf Evolutions
RBigBa   Big Bad Wolf Roving
SBigBa   Big Bad Wolf Self-Striping Yarn
216-2U   Black Tasty Coordinate
215-2U   Blackberry Tasty Coordinate
CBlaze   Blaze Coordinates
EBlaze   Blaze Evolutions
RBlaze   Blaze Roving
SBlaze   Blaze Self-Striping Yarn
011-2U   Blue Muse Coordinate
297-2U   Blue Muse Coordinate
298-2U   Blue Queen Coordinate
118-2O   Boardwalk Tasty Striping
CBookw   Bookworm Coordinates
CBoreal   Boreal Coordinates
EBoreal   Boreal Evolutions
RBoreal   Boreal Roving
SBoreal   Boreal Self-Striping Yarn
039-2K   Boreal Tasty Evo
137-2U   Caramel Playful Coordinate
CCarou   Carousel Coordinates
264-2V   Cavern Brilliant Roving
265-2V   Cavern Playful Coordinate
CCheri   Cherish Coordinates
ECheri   Cherish Evolutions
RCheri   Cherish Roving
SCheri   Cherish Yarn
CCircle   Circle Coordinates
ECircle   Circle Evolutions
RCircle   Circle Roving
SCircle   Circle Self-Striping Yarn
CCocoa   Cocoa Coordinates
ECocoa   Cocoa Gradient
RCocoa   Cocoa Roving
SCocoa   Cocoa Self-Striping Yarn
CCSnap   Cold Snap Coordinates
ECSnap   Cold Snap Evolutions
RCSnap   Cold Snap Roving
SCSnap   Cold Snap Self-Striping Yarn
139-2U   Coral Arial Petite
CCrocus   Crocus Coordinates
ECrocus   Crocus Evolutions
RCrocus   Crocus Roving
SCrocus   Crocus Self-Striping Yarn
CCrush   Crush Coordinates
CDapper   Dapper Coordinates
241-2V   Decay Tasty Coordinate
CDiscw   Discworld Coordinates
CDownt   Downton Coordinates
DowntonTL   Downton Tasty Large
DuskAS   Dusk Arial Small
CDusk   Dusk Coordinates
EDusk   Dusk Evolutions
RDusk   Dusk Roving
SDusk   Dusk Self-Striping Yarn
DuskYL   Dusk Yummy Large
177-2O   Eclipse Arial Classic
CEclip   Eclipse Coordinates
EEclip   Eclipse Evolutions
REclip   Eclipse Roving
SEclip   Eclipse Self-Striping Yarn
CElpha   Elphaba Coordinates
EElpha   Elphaba Evolutions
RElpha   Elphaba Roving
SElpha   Elphaba Self-Striping Yarn
218-2U   Espresso Kabam Coordinate
202-2U   Fickle Arial Evo
CFickle   Fickle Coordinates
EFickle   Fickle Evolutions
RFickle   Fickle Roving
SFickle   Fickle Self-Striping Yarn
209-2K   Fickle Tasty Striping
CFirefly   Firefly Coordinates
EFiref   Firefly Evolutions
RFiref   Firefly Roving
SFiref   Firefly Self-Striping Yarn
203-2W   Firefly Tasty Evo
285-2V   Fjord Arial Coordinate
278-2V   Fjord Arial Evo
280-2V   Fjord Arial Evo
281-2V   Fjord Arial Evo
282-2V   Fjord Arial Evo
283-2V   Fjord Arial Evo
275-2V   Fjord Festive Roving
239-2V   Fox Tasty Coordinate
260-2V   Glacier Arial Coordinate
253-2V   Glacier Arial Evo
255-2V   Glacier Arial Evo
259-2V   Glacier Festive Roving
214-2U   Green Tasty Coordinate
CGypsy   Gypsy Coordinates
GypsyMS   Gypsy Muse Small
CHaunt   Haunting Coordinates
EHaunt   Haunting Evolutions
RHaunt   Haunting Roving
SHaunt   Haunting Self-Striping Yarn
CHeart   Heartbreak Coordinates
245-2V   Hello Arial Evo
CHighT   High Tea Coordinates
EHighT   High Tea Evolutions
RHighT   High Tea Roving
SHighT   High Tea Self-Striping Yarn
HighTeaTL   High Tea Tasty Large
CHummi   Hummingbird Coordinates
JuicyCS   Juicy Catnip Small
CJuicy   Juicy Coordinates
EJuicy   Juicy Evolutions
RJuicy   Juicy Roving
SJuicy   Juicy Self-Striping Yarn
CJunip   Juniper Coordinates
EJunip   Juniper Evolutions
RJunip   Juniper Roving
SJunip   Juniper Self-Striping Yarn
200-2U   Kismet Arial Evo
CKismet   Kismet Coordinates
EKismet   Kismet Evolutions
RKismet   Kismet Roving
SKismet   Kismet Self-Striping Yarn
270-2V   Knock Knock Arial Evo
271-2V   Knock Knock Arial Evo
272-2V   Knock Knock Arial Evo
273-2V   Knock Knock Arial Evo
274-2V   Knock Knock Arial Evo
268-2V   Knock Knock Arial Striping
266-2V   Knock Knock Festive Roving
267-2V   Knock Knock Tasty Evo
CLaVie   La Vie En Rose Coordinates
CLagoon   Lagoon Coordinates
LagoonTL   Lagoon Tasty Large
LagoonTM   Lagoon Tasty Medium
221-2U   Lavender Tasty Coordinate
222-2U   Lavender Tasty Coordinate
208-2W   Le Cirque Arial Evo
CLeCir   Le Cirque Coordinates
ELeCir   Le Cirque Evolutions
RLeCir   Le Cirque Roving
SLeCir   Le Cirque Self-Striping Yarn
226-2O   Lilac Tasty Coordinate
CLiBoy   Little Boy Blue Coordinates
ELiBoy   Little Boy Blue Gradients
RLiBoy   Little Boy Blue Roving
SLiBoy   Little Boy Blue Self-Striping Yarn
237-2V   Macaw Playful Coordinates
CMagHo   Magic Hour Coordinates
EMagHo   Magic Hour Gradient
RMagHo   Magic Hour Roving
SMagHo   Magic Hour Self-Striping Yarn
CManit   Manitou Coordinates
EManit   Manitou Evolutions
RManit   Manitou Roving
SManit   Manitou Self-Striping Yarn
ManitTL   Manitou Tasty Large
CMaple   Maple Coordinates
EMaple   Maple Evolutions
RMaple   Maple Roving
SMaple   Maple Self-Striping Yarn
CMinst   Minstrel Coordinates
MinstrelMS   Minstrel Muse Small
MinstrelYL   Minstrel Yummy Large
CMiChip   Mint Chip Coordinates
169-2P   Mint Chip Queen Classic
CMirage   Mirage Coordinates
EMirage   Mirage Evolutions
RMirage   Mirage Roving
SMirage   Mirage Self-Striping Yarn
CMonPC   Mon Petit Chou Coordinates
EMonPC   Mon Petit Chou Evolutions
RMonPC   Mon Petit Chou Roving
SMonPC   Mon Petit Chou Self-Striping Yarn
227-2U   Naked Catnip Coordinate
207-2W   Newton Arial Evo
213-2K   Newton Arial Evo
CNewton   Newton Coordinates
ENewton   Newton Evolutions
RNewton   Newton Roving
SNewton   Newton Self-Striping Yarn
CNymph   Nymph Coordinates
COctar   Octarine Coordinates
COhBaby   Oooh Baby, Baby! Coordinates
COracle   Oracle Coordinates
CParam   Paramour Coordinates
082-2U   Paramour Tasty Evo
084-2U   Paramour Tasty Evo
089-2U   Paramour Tasty Evo
091-2U   Paramour Tasty Evo
092-2U   Paramour Tasty Evo
CPassi   Passion Coordinates
EPassi   Passion Evolutions
RPassi   Passion Roving
SPassi   Passion Self-Striping Yarn
CPeaco   Peacock Coordinates
217-2U   Pecan Arial Coordinate

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