Striping perfect for socks and scarves
a single evolution of color
Semi Solid simple, complementary color
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LE-AS   All Arial Small
LR-FE   All Festive
LE-QS   All Queen Small
LS-TC   All Tasty Classic
CAngst   Angst Coordinates
EAnkh   Ankh Evolutions
R1Ankh   Ankh Roving
SAnkh   Ankh Self-Striping Yarn
LV-Anne   Anne's Picks
CBienv   Bienvenue Coordinates
CBigBa   Big Bad Wolf Coordinates
CBlaze   Blaze Coordinates
EBlaze   Blaze Evolutions
RBlaze   Blaze Roving
SBlaze   Blaze Self-Striping Yarn
CBookw   Bookworm Coordinates
CBoreal   Boreal Coordinates
137-2U   Caramel Playful Semi Solid
CCarou   Carousel Coordinates
ECarou   Carousel Evolutions
RCarou   Carousel Roving
SCarou   Carousel Self-Striping Yarn
265-2V   Cavern Playful Semi Solid
CCheri   Cherish Coordinates
ECheri   Cherish Evolutions
RCheri   Cherish Roving
SCheri   Cherish Self-Striping Yarn
CCircle   Circle Coordinates
ECircle   Circle Evolutions
RCircle   Circle Roving
SCircle   Circle Self-Striping Yarn
LS-CC   Classic Combination
219-2O   Cocoa Brilliant Roving
CCocoa   Cocoa Coordinates
CCSnap   Cold Snap Coordinates
ECSnap   Cold Snap Evolutions
RCSnap   Cold Snap Roving
SCSnap   Cold Snap Self-Striping Yarn
139-2U   Coral Arial Semi Solid
CCrocus   Crocus Coordinates
ECrocus   Crocus Evolutions
RCrocus   Crocus Roving
SCrocus   Crocus Self-Striping Yarn
CCrush   Crush Coordinates
ECrush   Crush Evolutions
RCrush   Crush Roving
SCrush   Crush Self-Striping Yarn
LE-U   Cupcake Combo!
LC-AS   CYO Arial Small
LC-CS   CYO Catnip Small
LC-KM   CYO Kabam! Medium
LC-MM   CYO Muse Medium
LC-PC   CYO Playful Classic
LC-QJ   CYO Queen Jumbo
LC-QS   CYO Queen Small
LC-TC   CYO Tasty Classic
LC-TL   CYO Tasty Large
LC-YJ   CYO Yummy Jumbo
LC-YL   CYO Yummy Large
CDapper   Dapper Coordinates
CDiscw   Discworld Coordinates
EDiscw   Discworld Evolutions
RDiscw   Discworld Roving
SDiscw   Discworld Self-Striping Yarn
CDownt   Downton Coordinates
EDownt   Downton Evolutions
RDownt   Downton Roving
SDownt   Downton Self-Striping Yarn
DuskAS   Dusk Arial Small *click for additional photos*
CDusk   Dusk Coordinates
DuskYL   Dusk Yummy Large *click for additional photos*
CEclip   Eclipse Coordinates
CElpha   Elphaba Coordinates
LV-Fawn   Fawn's Picks
CFickle   Fickle Coordinates
EFickle   Fickle Evolutions
RFickle   Fickle Roving
SFickle   Fickle Self-Striping Yarn
CFirefly   Firefly Coordinates
285-2V   Fjord Arial Semi Solid
CFox   Fox Coordinates
EFox   Fox Evolutions
RFox   Fox Roving
SFox   Fox Self-Striping Yarn
CGrape   Grape Soda Coordinates
EGrape   Grape Soda Gradients
RGrape   Grape Soda Roving
SGrape   Grape Soda Self-Striping Yarn
GypsyMS   Gypsy Muse Small *click for additional photos*
LV-HSM   Hats, Scarf Mitts Combo!
CHaunt   Haunting Coordinates
CHeart   Heartbreak Coordinates
EHeart   Heartbreak Evolutions
RHeart   Heartbreak Roving
SHeart   Heartbreak Self-Striping Yarn
CHighT   High Tea Coordinates
EHighT   High Tea Evolutions
RHighT   High Tea Roving
SHighT   High Tea Self-Striping Yarn
CHummi   Hummingbird Coordinates
JuicyCS   Juicy Catnip Small *click for additional photos*
CJuicy   Juicy Coordinates
EJuicy   Juicy Evolutions
RJuicy   Juicy Roving
SJuicy   Juicy Self-Striping Yarn
CJunip   Juniper Coordinates
CKismet   Kismet Coordinates
AlhambraKitPeacock   KIT - Alhambra - Peacock *click for additional photos*
AlhambraKitRoost   KIT - Alhambra - Rooster *click for additional photos*
AlhambraKitWand   KIT - Alhambra - Wanderer *click for additional photos*
AssanteKitDownt   KIT - Assante - Downton *click for additional photos*
AssanteKitLagoo   KIT - Assante - Lagoon *click for additional photos*
BrushCreekKitRack   KIT - Brush Creek Cowl - Rackhouse *click for additional photos*
DaybreakKitAngst   KIT - Daybreak - Angst *click for additional photos*
DiabolicalKitHightea   KIT - Diabolical - High Tea *click for additional photos*
GyllislKitPixie   KIT - Gyllis - Pixie *click for additional photos*
268-2V   Knock Knock Arial Striping
CLaVie   La Vie En Rose Coordinates
ELaVie   La Vie En Rose Gradients
RLaVie   La Vie En Rose Roving
SLaVie   La Vie En Rose Self-Striping Yarn
LE-Shawl   Lace Shawl Combination
CLagoon   Lagoon Coordinates
ELagoon   Lagoon Evolutions
RLagoon   Lagoon Roving
SLagoon   Lagoon Self-Striping Yarn
LagoonTM   Lagoon Tasty Medium *click for additional photos*
LeCirqueAS   Le Cirque Arial Small
CLeCir   Le Cirque Coordinates
CLiBoy   Little Boy Blue Coordinates
ELiBoy   Little Boy Blue Gradients
RLiBoy   Little Boy Blue Roving
SLiBoy   Little Boy Blue Self-Striping Yarn
CMagHo   Magic Hour Coordinates
CManit   Manitou Coordinates
ManitTL   Manitou Tasty Large
CMaple   Maple Coordinates
CMason   Mason Coordinates
EMason   Mason Evolutions
RMason   Mason Roving
SMason   Mason Self-Striping Yarn
LE-Med   Medium Combination
LV-Meg   Meg's Picks
CMinst   Minstrel Coordinates
MinstrelMS   Minstrel Muse Small
MinstrelYL   Minstrel Yummy Large
CMiChip   Mint Chip Coordinates
CMirage   Mirage Coordinates
EMirage   Mirage Evolutions
RMirage   Mirage Roving
SMirage   Mirage Self-Striping Yarn
CMonPC   Mon Petit Chou Coordinates
EMonPC   Mon Petit Chou Evolutions
RMonPC   Mon Petit Chou Roving
SMonPC   Mon Petit Chou Self-Striping Yarn
CMyste   Mystery Coordinates
EMyste   Mystery Evolutions
RMyste   Mystery Roving
SMyste   Mystery Self-Striping Yarn
CNewton   Newton Coordinates
ENewton   Newton Evolutions
RNewton   Newton Roving
SNewton   Newton Self-Striping Yarn
CNomad   Nomad Coordinates
CNymph   Nymph Coordinates
ENymph   Nymph Evolutions
RNymph   Nymph Roving
SNymph   Nymph Self-Striping Yarn
COctar   Octarine Coordinates
EOctar   Octarine Evolutions
ROctar   Octarine Roving
SOctar   Octarine Self-Striping Yarn
COhBaby   Oooh Baby, Baby! Coordinates
EOhBaby   Oooh Baby, Baby! Evolutions
ROhBaby   Oooh Baby, Baby! Roving
SOhBaby   Oooh Baby, Baby! Self-Striping Yarn
COracle   Oracle Coordinates
EOracle   Oracle Evolutions
ROracle   Oracle Roving
SOracle   Oracle Self-Striping Yarn
CParam   Paramour Coordinates
EParam   Paramour Evolutions
RParam   Paramour Roving
SParam   Paramour Self-Striping Yarn
CPassi   Passion Coordinates
EPassi   Passion Evolutions
RPassi   Passion Roving
SPassi   Passion Self-Striping Yarn
CPeaco   Peacock Coordinates
217-2U   Pecan Arial Semi Solid
CPesto   Pesto Coordinates
CPhant   Phantom Coordinates
CPhoenix   Phoenix Coordinates
CPinot   Pinot Noir Coordinates
CPixie   Pixie Coordinates
EPixie   Pixie Evolutions
PixieMM   Pixie Muse Medium
RPixie   Pixie Roving
SPixie   Pixie Self-Striping Yarn
PixieYL   Pixie Yummy Large

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