Striping perfect for socks and scarves
a single evolution of color
Semi Solid simple, complementary color
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AngstAL   Angst Arial Large
156-2R   Angst Arial Medium
CAngst   Angst Coordinates
CBienv   Bienvenue Coordinates
EBienv   Bienvenue Evolutions
RBienv   Bienvenue Roving
SBienv   Bienvenue Self-Striping Yarn
CBigBa   Big Bad Wolf Coordinates
EBigBa   Big Bad Wolf Evolutions
RBigBa   Big Bad Wolf Roving
SBigBa   Big Bad Wolf Self-Striping Yarn
CBlaze   Blaze Coordinates
EBlaze   Blaze Evolutions
RBlaze   Blaze Roving
SBlaze   Blaze Self-Striping Yarn
011-2U   Blue Muse Coordinate
118-2O   Boardwalk Tasty Striping
CBookw   Bookworm Coordinates
EBookw   Bookworm Evolutions
RBookw   Bookworm Roving
SBookw   Bookworm Self-Striping Yarn
CBoreal   Boreal Coordinates
EBoreal   Boreal Evolutions
RBoreal   Boreal Roving
SBoreal   Boreal Self-Striping Yarn
039-2K   Boreal Tasty Evo
137-2U   Caramel Playful Coordinate
CCarou   Carousel Coordinates
CCheri   Cherish Coordinates
ECheri   Cherish Evolutions
RCheri   Cherish Roving
SCheri   Cherish Yarn
CCircle   Circle Coordinates
ECircle   Circle Evolutions
RCircle   Circle Roving
SCircle   Circle Self-Striping Yarn
CCocoa   Cocoa Coordinates
ECocoa   Cocoa Gradient
RCocoa   Cocoa Roving
SCocoa   Cocoa Self-Striping Yarn
139-2U   Coral Arial Petite
CCrocus   Crocus Coordinates
CCrush   Crush Coordinates
CDapper   Dapper Coordinates
EDapper   Dapper Evolutions
RDapper   Dapper Roving
SDapper   Dapper Self-Striping Yarn
CDiscw   Discworld Coordinates
CDownt   Downton Coordinates
DowntonTL   Downton Tasty Large
DuskAS   Dusk Arial Small
CDusk   Dusk Coordinates
EDusk   Dusk Evolutions
RDusk   Dusk Roving
SDusk   Dusk Self-Striping Yarn
DuskYL   Dusk Yummy Large
177-2O   Eclipse Arial Classic
CEclip   Eclipse Coordinates
EEclip   Eclipse Evolutions
178-2W   Eclipse Muse Evo
REclip   Eclipse Roving
SEclip   Eclipse Self-Striping Yarn
CElpha   Elphaba Coordinates
EElpha   Elphaba Evolutions
RElpha   Elphaba Roving
SElpha   Elphaba Self-Striping Yarn
CFickle   Fickle Coordinates
EFickle   Fickle Evolutions
RFickle   Fickle Roving
SFickle   Fickle Self-Striping Yarn
CFirefly   Firefly Coordinates
EFiref   Firefly Evolutions
183-2U   Firefly Playful Cupcakes
RFiref   Firefly Roving
SFiref   Firefly Self-Striping Yarn
CGypsy   Gypsy Coordinates
EGypsy   Gypsy Evolutions
GypsyMS   Gypsy Muse Small
RGypsy   Gypsy Roving
SGypsy   Gypsy Self-Striping Yarn
CHaunt   Haunting Coordinates
EHaunt   Haunting Evolutions
076-2O   Haunting Muse Evo
RHaunt   Haunting Roving
SHaunt   Haunting Self-Striping Yarn
CHeart   Heartbreak Coordinates
155-2O   Heartbreak Tasty Cupcakes
CHighT   High Tea Coordinates
EHighT   High Tea Evolutions
RHighT   High Tea Roving
SHighT   High Tea Self-Striping Yarn
HighTeaTL   High Tea Tasty Large
CHummi   Hummingbird Coordinates
JuicyCS   Juicy Catnip Small
CJuicy   Juicy Coordinates
EJuicy   Juicy Evolutions
RJuicy   Juicy Roving
SJuicy   Juicy Self-Striping Yarn
CJunip   Juniper Coordinates
EJunip   Juniper Evolutions
RJunip   Juniper Roving
SJunip   Juniper Self-Striping Yarn
CKismet   Kismet Coordinates
EKismet   Kismet Evolutions
RKismet   Kismet Roving
SKismet   Kismet Self-Striping Yarn
CLaVie   La Vie En Rose Coordinates
CLagoon   Lagoon Coordinates
LagoonTL   Lagoon Tasty Large
LagoonTM   Lagoon Tasty Medium
CLeCir   Le Cirque Coordinates
ELeCir   Le Cirque Evolutions
RLeCir   Le Cirque Roving
SLeCir   Le Cirque Self-Striping Yarn
CLiBoy   Little Boy Blue Coordinates
ELiBoy   Little Boy Blue Gradients
RLiBoy   Little Boy Blue Roving
SLiBoy   Little Boy Blue Self-Striping Yarn
CMagHo   Magic Hour Coordinates
EMagHo   Magic Hour Gradient
RMagHo   Magic Hour Roving
SMagHo   Magic Hour Self-Striping Yarn
CManit   Manitou Coordinates
EManit   Manitou Evolutions
RManit   Manitou Roving
SManit   Manitou Self-Striping Yarn
ManitTL   Manitou Tasty Large
CMaple   Maple Coordinates
EMaple   Maple Evolutions
RMaple   Maple Roving
SMaple   Maple Self-Striping Yarn
CMinst   Minstrel Coordinates
MinstrelMS   Minstrel Muse Small
MinstrelYL   Minstrel Yummy Large
CMiChip   Mint Chip Coordinates
169-2P   Mint Chip Queen Classic
CMirage   Mirage Coordinates
EMirage   Mirage Evolutions
RMirage   Mirage Roving
SMirage   Mirage Self-Striping Yarn
CMonPC   Mon Petit Chou Coordinates
EMonPC   Mon Petit Chou Evolutions
RMonPC   Mon Petit Chou Roving
SMonPC   Mon Petit Chou Self-Striping Yarn
CNewton   Newton Coordinates
CNymph   Nymph Coordinates
COctar   Octarine Coordinates
COhBaby   Oooh Baby, Baby! Coordinates
COracle   Oracle Coordinates
CParam   Paramour Coordinates
082-2U   Paramour Tasty Evo
084-2U   Paramour Tasty Evo
089-2U   Paramour Tasty Evo
091-2U   Paramour Tasty Evo
092-2U   Paramour Tasty Evo
CPassi   Passion Coordinates
EPassi   Passion Evolutions
RPassi   Passion Roving
SPassi   Passion Self-Striping Yarn
CPeaco   Peacock Coordinates
CPesto   Pesto Coordinates
EPesto   Pesto Gradient
RPesto   Pesto Roving
SPesto   Pesto Self-Striping Yarn
CPhant   Phantom Coordinates
EPhant   Phantom Evolutions
087-2U   Phantom Muse Evo
RPhant   Phantom Roving
SPhant   Phantom Self-Striping Yarn
CPhoenix   Phoenix Coordinates
CPinot   Pinot Noir Coordinates
EPinot   Pinot Noir Evolutions
SPinot   Pinot Noir Self-Striping Yarn
RPinot   Pinot Noit Roving
CPixie   Pixie Coordinates
PixieMM   Pixie Muse Medium
PixieYL   Pixie Yummy Large
CPoppet   Poppet Coordinates
CPurRa   Purple Rain Coordinates
EPurRa   Purple Rain Gradient
182-2U   Purple Rain Playful Cupcakes
186-2U   Purple Rain Playful Cupcakes
RPurRa   Purple Rain Roving
SPurRa   Purple Rain Self-Striping Yarn
CQuip   Quip Coordinates
EQuip   Quip Gradient
174-2W   Quip Playful Evo
RQuip   Quip Roving
SQuip   Quip Self-Striping Yarn
RackhouseTL   Rack House Tasty Large
CRackh   Rackhouse Coordinates
CRendez   Rendezvous Coordinates
RendezTL   Rendezvous Tasty Large
172-2K   Riptide Arial Evo
CRipti   Riptide Coordinates
ERipti   Riptide Evolutions
RRipti   Riptide Roving
SRipti   Riptide Self-Striping Yarn
CRoost   Rooster Coordinates
192-2U   Rooster Muse Evo

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