Striping perfect for socks and scarves
a single evolution of color
Semi Solid simple, complementary color
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Colorways below are available in 7 yarn bases and 2 stripe widths. Each skein is individually hand skeined, dyed and blended by a skilled Twisted artisan. Stripe widths vary by yarn selection and project.

Classic skeins (100g) have shorter repeat lengths designed for socks, gloves, and other small projects. Classic stripes are shown in the photo above.
Jumbo skeins (150g) work up in wider stripes with more yardage to make amazing scarves, blankets, and other larger projects.

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Ankh Mutating Variegate Self-Striping Blaze Self-Striping
Carousel Self-Striping Crocus Self-Striping
Crush Self-Striping Cuddy Self-Striping
Discworld Self-Striping Downton Self-Striping
Firefly Self-Striping Gypsy Self-Striping
Heartbreak Self-Striping Hummingbird Self-Striping
Juicy Self-Striping La Vie En Rose Self-Striping
Lagoon Self-Striping Little Boy Blue Self-Striping
Magic Hour Self-Striping Mint Chip Self-Striping
Newton Self-Striping Nymph Self-Striping
Oh Baby Baby Self-Striping Oracle Self-Striping
Paramour Self-Striping Pixie Self-Striping
Poppet Self-Striping Purple Rain Self-Striping
Quip Self-Striping Rackhouse Self-Striping
Rendezvous Self-Striping Rooster Self-Striping
Roy G. Biv Self-Striping Salsa Self-Striping
Talisman Self-Striping Teacake Mutating Variegate Self-Striping
Tomcat Self-Striping Totally Self-Striping
Unity Self-Striping Vesuvius Mutating Variegate Self-Striping
Wanderer Self-Striping Warlock Self-Striping
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