Striping perfect for socks and scarves
a single evolution of color
Semi Solid simple, complementary color
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Colorways below are available in 7 yarn bases and 2 stripe widths. Each skein is individually hand skeined, dyed and blended by a skilled Twisted artisan. Stripe widths vary by yarn selection and project.
  • Classic skeins (100g) have shorter repeat lengths designed for socks, gloves, and other small projects. Classic stripes are shown in the photo above.
  • Jumbo skeins (150g) work up in wider stripes with more yardage to make amazing scarves, blankets, and other larger projects.
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Ankh Mutating Variegate Self-Striping Carousel Self-Striping
Crocus Self-Striping Crush Self-Striping
Decadent Self-Striping Discworld Self-Striping
Downton Self-Striping Eclipse Self-Striping
Fox Self-Striping Grape Soda Self-Striping
Heartbreak Self-Striping Juicy Self-Striping
La Vie En Rose Self-Striping Lagoon Self-Striping
Rust Self-Striping Mint Chip Self-Striping
Mirage Self-Striping Mystery Self-Striping
Newton Self-Striping Gypsy Self-Striping
Nymph Self-Striping Octarine Self-Striping
Oh Baby Baby Self-Striping Oracle Self-Striping
Orchid Self-Striping Paramour Self-Striping
Pesto Self-Striping Pixie Self-Striping
Poppet Self-Striping Rackhouse Self-Striping
Raven Self-Striping Rendezvous Self-Striping
Rooster Self-Striping Roy G. Biv Self-Striping
Salsa Self-Striping Sherwood Mutating Variegate Self-Striping
GREEN Self-Striping Totally Self-Striping
Unity Self-Striping Wanderer Self-Striping
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