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Twisted Fiber Art Club

Fall 2014

Two groups, each with a different theme:
Click on a picture to bring you to its inspiration board.

The New World Flair Collection

So many beautiful colors in Germany and Austria and Bath, England... on the beautiful tourists. Here's the collection of colors I witnessed on scores of cheerful, stylish world-travelers.

The New World Flair Collection

The Old World Serenity Collection

Mountain trails to city canals... this collection is the love child of my trip to the Highlands of Scotland and a very long layover in Amsterdam. Surprising how much overlap there was in color inspiration for me!

The Old World Serenity Collection

All shipping costs for this club are fixed.

Please select your zone and a ONE TIME CHARGE will be applied to your order. This charge will cover the shipping costs for all three shipments.

Fall 2014 club basics:

  • Sign up begins Friday, September 5th 2014. We have staggered the release times to suit your availability and time zone!
  • Three shipments are sent to you between mid-Fall and early Winter.
  • Your package is based on what you select from a variety of our favorite and most popular yarn and rovings.
  • Colorways are designed exclusively for this club and won't be available to the general public for at least a year (often never!).
  • There are two Color Inspiration Collections, each with three colorways. At purchase you can pick one collection or choose to be surprised! Check out the sample photos and links to each collection.
  • If you can't choose or love them both, select "Surprise Me!" and email your color prefrences to help Meg select the best of the colorways for you based on your yarn/roving picks! We set up a special club hotline just for this purpose.
  • For a limited time after the last shipment arrives, club members are able to order any of the 6 club colorways on any yarn or roving base!

With what we feel is a fair and balanced sign-up schedule, we hope our customers all around the globe will have equal access to this club.

Sign-up begins on Friday, September 5th, 2014 and continues until the club fills up. At various times throughout that first day, we will release large numbers of club subscriptions, trying to allow for the availability of our customers with varying internet access and scheduling.

Here is the schedule:

First Release - 6 AM Eastern Time (New York time)
Clickhere to see what time that is for you

Second Release - 12 PM Eastern Time (New York time)
Click here to see what time that is for you

Third Release - 7 PM Eastern Time (New York time)
Click here to see what time that is for you

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