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Twisted Fiber Art Club
Summer 2018
"Would You Rather"

Two groups, each with a different theme:

Color is powerful. It makes us feel, it triggers our memories, it entices us to explore. If we let our imaginations go wild, color can take us back to our most treasured memories or catapult us into new and exciting adventures.
This club is all about choosing the emotional landscape you'd like to traverse.

Would you rather spend a languid afternoon at the seaside with a good book and an intimate picnic for one, or cruise through the ocean on a luxury liner buzzing with people and energy?

Would you rather take a stroll down the Seine breathing in the freshly baked bread and enjoying the gardens along the bank or power your way through the pulsing excitement, bright lights, and vibrant atmosphere of Times Square?

Would you rather share a cup of tea with a treasured loved one or dance the night away with all your friends?

These collections were designed in a much broader way than clubs in the past. Meg has drawn her inspiration not from specific photos, but from the emotions the complete collections evoke.
Here's how it works
Details, Details..

  • There are two Color Inspiration Boards linked through the pictures above. Each board represents three colorways. We design first then find photos with the same colors and general "vibe".
  • Colorways are designed exclusively for this club, and won't be available to the general public for at least a year (often never!).
  • The colorways remain a surprise until you receive your package each month.
  • Your package is based on what you select from a variety of our most popular yarns, as well as which Inspiration Board you choose. There are choices in Striping, Evolution, and even a CREATE YOUR OWN CLUB where YOU CHOOSE YOUR OWN PACKAGE!!!
  • Twisted Samples! This option is your ticket to post club bliss! The Sample Membership is a fantastic way to preview all the colorways and join in the anticipation of a monthly surprise delivered right to your door.
  • The Sample option is also available as an upgrade to your Club. Each monthly shipment will include 4 samples to allow you to preview all club colorways on different bases prior to Post Club.
  • Sign up begins on Monday, March 5th at 8am EST. There are a limited number of spots available. Club sales will remain open until the club is full; usually about two weeks.
  • Shipments are scheduled for April, May, and June 2018.
  • Post-club: for a limited time after the last shipment arrives, club members are able to order any of the 6 club colorways on any yarn!

  • Sign-Up begins on Monday, March 5th at 8am EST. There are a limited number of spots available. Club sales will remain open until all spots have been filled or for two weeks, whichever comes first.