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Spring 2014 Club

Fairy Tales

Two groups, each with a different theme:

Fables from Attic Photos

Colors taken mostly from picture books illustrated in Europe in the 1920s stretching into the '40s. These will be mostly two-color and more subtle.

Yo Momma's Bedtime Stories

Inspired by the art of books that were new when I was a scrappy little reader in the 1970s and early '80s. Still makes me happy! These colorways will be vibrant with multiple hues.

Spring 2014 club basics:

  • There are three basic options: Striping Yarn, Roving or Evolutions.
  • You will receive three shipments - (estimated ship dates are mid-March, mid-April, and mid-May.)
  • Select from our most popular yarn and roving types.
  • Six new colorways are developed for this club , two per month, and only available to our club members for at least one year.
  • Shortly after club signup is completed, club members will be invited to review two colorway inspiration boards that Meg has put together. Links to these boards will be sent to club members via email. Each of the two boards reflects a style / feel / color theme.
  • You'll simply tell us which collection of photos appeals to you, and you'll get three colorways inspired by and with colors from that collection.
  • A small shipping charge will be added to the club order, usually around $6 (determined by current US Postal Service rates.) A bit more for those outside of North America. But this covers all three shipments.
  • At the end of the club, for a short time, you (and only you club members) will be able to order from all 6 club colorways on any yarn or roving base.

With what we feel is a fair and balanced sign-up schedule, we hope our customers all around the globe will have equal access to this club.

Sign-up begins on Thursday, February 13, 2014 and continues until the club fills up. At various times throughout that first day, we will release batches of club subscriptions, trying to allow for the availability of our customers with varying internet access and scheduling.

Here is the schedule:

First Release - 6 AM Eastern Time (New York time)
Clickhere to see what time that is for you

Second Release - 12 PM Eastern Time (New York time)
Click here to see what time that is for you

Third Release - 7 PM Eastern Time (New York time)
Click here to see what time that is for you

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